Kenneth Theron  MA Psychoanalysis member of UKCP, CFAR, CPJA and CP-UK




why psychoanalysis?

Lacanian psychoanalysis is largely Freudian and privileges the seminars of Jacques Lacan

In life, we are thrust into the world.  We are immersed in it and it surrounds us, washing over us, caressing us, or battering us, like a vast and moody ocean.  It is both out there or external, and at the same time invasive or integral to ourselves, overwhelming and colonising.  How, and to what extent, can we assume control of our own destinies? Psychoanalysis explores this question, person by person, helping us to both realise and fully embrace what is possible for us and to successfully negotiate difficulties.

Psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan saw life as fundamentally traumatic.  They discovered through their clinics however, that we humans are nonetheless predisposed and driven to enjoy, albeit in complex ways which are often problematic, and they demonstrated how the psychoanalytic relationship can help in negotiating this difficult terrain and its seeming contradictions; thus maximising possible enjoyment.