Kenneth Theron  MA Psychoanalysis member of UKCP, CFAR, CPJA and CP-UK



how it works:


Lacanian psychoanalysis is largely Freudian and privileges the seminars of Jacques Lacan

There may be very specific external factors causing you anxiety, anger, distress or frustration, or perhaps you feel at the mercy of your own unfathomable actions or your internal world.  Complex thoughts, fears, wishes, desires and fantasies may be at odds with each other, contradictory and irreconcilable, leading to impossible impasses.  Psychoanalysis will allow you to explore the history which has constituted both the conscious and unconscious elements of your landscape, the way you see things, the strategies you use, the nature of your ideals, work ethics, various relationships and the texture of your sex and sexuality.  Whilst one of the main objectives of psychoanalysis is a recognition and acceptance of limits, ambiguities and conundrums, it will help to crystallise achievable desires, recognise potential for change and transform relationships.

An initial interview will allow you to talk about the nature of any difficulties and what you would like to achieve.  Be assured of confidentiality.  After reviewing your expectations, I will explain the principles and methods particular to psychoanalysis or analytical psychotherapy, provide a very general outline of how it proceeds and works, and we can determine what might be possible.  This first meeting will also give us a sense of each other and if we feel we can work together.

If we do decide to proceed, we will agree on a number of sessions per week and appointment times.  My fee is £80 for a fifty minute session.  Whilst you may not periodically be able to attend a given session for some reason, missed sessions are chargeable  so as to ensure continuity of treatment and the securing of your allotted times.  Early or preliminary sessions will progress into a thoroughgoing analysis which will continue for as long as is necessary for you.